The Skoda Fabia Style 2014 is a fantastic car that offers a perfect blend of style and substance. Its sleek and modern design makes a bold statement on the road, while its spacious interior ensures a comfortable and enjoyable drive. The Fabia Style comes equipped with advanced features such as climate control, cruise control, and parking sensors, making every journey a breeze. With its powerful yet fuel-efficient engine, this car is as practical as it is stylish. Whether you're commuting to work or embarking on a road trip, the Skoda Fabia Style 2014 is the perfect choice.

  • מותג: Skoda
  • מק: 3EQJCK27TA

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Skoda Fabia 2014 Ambition
נפח - 1200
גיר - אוטומטי 
תת דגם -Ambition
יד - ראשונה 

ק״מ - 76,050 

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